​Julie Taiwo Oni is a Los Angeles-based playwright. Her father is Nigerian and her mother is German-American, and she is also an identical twin. Her plays tend to explore these various aspects of her identity and the language that surrounds them, from intercultural romance and relationships to twin identity to biracial and multiracial characterization. She is a firm believer that a writer needs to create stories that are inspired by her life experience and worldview.


Some of her inspirations as a writer are Amiri Baraka's DUTCHMAN, Maria Irene Fornes' MUD, and Athol Fugard's BLOOD KNOT. Her main style is two-character experimental storytelling within a social and cultural context, and these three plays function as models for her for various reasons. From Baraka, she finds a simple yet profound analysis of race relations in America within a compact setting that goes from romance to violence to tragedy. In Fornes, she is fascinated by the use of unique, concise language to portray character relationships, social environment and behavior. Finally, Fugard's apartheid-era drama represents the bravery of telling a story that goes against society's expectations and forces confrontation of an issue that is tearing it apart.


With a BA in Creative Writing from Pepperdine University and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from USC, she has written short and full-length dramas with workshops and productions in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Maryland. She hopes to expand her audience both nationally and globally with simple yet socially-relevant character analysis stage-plays. Please join her on this journey!

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